The benefits of using advanced Hypnosis, Clinical hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to stop smoking

I have spoken to hundreds of clients, each of whom has tried their own approach when quitting smoking. Patches, gums, alternative habits and routines – even relying on e-cigarettes as a means to an end.

The only consistent feedback I ever receive is that it is only when contacting me, and leveraging the power of advanced hypnosis techniques, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, that my clients manage to successfully kick a habit they have endured for many years.

Smoking costs some clients in excess of £38,000 by the time they retire. Would you not prefer to save this money rather than end up with one of the myriad of diseases that can result from a long-term smoking addiction? My clients would – which is why they chose to benefit from my stop smoking session and rid themselves of their smoking habits in just one session.

My session focuses on a long-term solution. You will not need to smoke – all after just one session you become a true non-smoker. This is a sustainable approach to living a life without cigarettes; without having to rely solely on will power and techniques that just do not work.

Our body and minds need support and coping mechanisms that do not simply manifest through sheer good-will alone. Actively willing ourselves to stop can be counterproductive, as in seeking to avoid a behaviour we are actually reminding ourselves of the thing we are trying to forget.

Instead we must actively – and subconsciously – reprogram our minds.

Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP works within your subconscious to re-establish the neural pathways that lead to your cravings. To give you tools to control the triggers, stimuli and desires – be it stress, drinking, or just a morning routine – that lead to cigarettes.

To actually unlearn the act of smoking.

Stopping smoking is as easy as transferring your beliefs from those of an unhealthy smoker’s mind to those of a healthy non-smoker’s mind; to seeing yourself in a positive light thanks to the fact you no longer smoke; to being clear from addiction, from the smell of smoke, from the antisocial behaviours associated with smoking.

And the best news – within a few short hours of quitting, you will already to begin experience the new lease of a healthier life. Just see the benefits below!

Why should we quit?

Within 20 minutes: blood pressure and pulse rate return to lower levels.
After 8 hours: Blood carbon monoxide levels drop to normal, and blood oxygen levels rise to normal.
24 Hours: Risk of a heart attack is already reduced.
48 hours: Nerve endings regenerate, and smell and taste improve.
72 hours: Breathing capacity improves.
In the first-year, post-smoking: Congestion, fatigue and coughing all reduce with lung function significantly improving.
10 years on: Lung cancer risk almost back to that of a non-smoker, and precancerous cells regenerated to normal plus other risk-factors significantly mitigated.

Make an appointment for a session and I’ll send you an eBook called ‘Get Ready to Quit’, which will help you prepare in a way that will make quitting smoker much easier than you could ever have imagined.
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Myth-busting around the difficulty of quitting

Smoking is one of the most destructive habits that we – as society – have chosen to take up. Smoking is detrimental to the health of the smoker and to the health of those nearby. It is time to take action and put the cigarettes down.

And it is easier than you might think.

Facts about smoking

There are a number of facts that show the impact of smoking on society. We must do what we can to reduce the deficit that smoking causes.

• 80% of deaths resulting from lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema are correlated to smoking, whilst 14% of heart disease deaths result from smoking
• Over one quarter of cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking
• Smoking is estimated to cost the NHS approximately 2 billion per year through smoking-related illnesses
• 9 million adults smoke, with two-thirds taking up the habit under the age of 18

Physiological side effects of smoking

Not only does smoking create long-term societal effects, the effects on your body are terrifying and should be proof in themselves of why it is time to stop.

• Smoking has been linked to several mental health issues
• Fertility is severely hampered among both men and women who smoke, as is the health of the unborn child
• Smoke exposure – whether active or passive – can enhance the risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses such as Meningococcal disease
• Smoking increases risk of dementia by 50% over those who never smoked
• Smoking enhances risks around both diabetes and respiratory diseases

Fortunately, it is not all doom and gloom around smoking.

Those who have tried – and failed – to give up smoking and just accept the consequences need accept defeat no more. Work with me and you are going to quit smoking in just one session, without the need for additional e-cigarettes or patches. Nicotine can be as detrimental to health as the associated by-products of a cigarette, so it is important to kick the habit once and for all through proven and sustainable techniques. After just one session, you will become a true non-smoker and smoking will become irrelevant.

Those who believe it is impossible are yet to try hypnosis. Those who fear weight gain are yet to understand that hypnotherapy does not only focus on removing the cravings for cigarettes, it also helps clients remove the habitual nature of smoking from their lives, such as avoiding the need for other unwanted behaviours like excessive eating, and the resulting weight gain.

Giving up smoking is not as hard as some would have you believe. Giving up smoking will not lead to other unwanted habits.

So why not take action now and sign up for my stop smoking session. Set yourself free today!

Reasons why hypnotherapy and hypnosis techniques are the only cure for smoking

Finally – a proven approach to regaining control of your smoking addiction. And one that doesn’t rely on medication, nicotine gums or other pharmaceutical intervention.

In recent years, David Spiegel – of Stanford University – has spoken of the benefits of using unique combinations of advanced hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming in order to give up smoking (among other tangible benefits).

This is a great thing.

Smoking is the most anti-social of behaviours. It removes you from groups; it has a long-term societal impact with rising health care costs due to smoking-related illnesses; and it impacts your mood through uncontrollable cravings and desires that slowly begin to take over your routine.

Now, through my advanced Hypnosis and NLP techniques, you finally have access to an effective method to stop smoking, transforming your mind into that of a healthy non-smoker through subconscious methodologies that will impact the way in which your brain perceives different stimuli.

Hypnotherapy is proven to influence the mind for long lasting results

Hypnosis really does work – it’s official! Scientific evidence proves that hypnosis is genuinely beneficial and changes the way our brains “respond” to certain stimuli or triggers, as outlined in this article on the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Neurological changes through hypnotherapy occur in minimal time, with little conscious effort. My single stop-smoking session has achieved remarkable results for many of my clients.

No need for pharmaceuticals

My session works through advanced hypnosis and NLP techniques that reprogram the way in which the mind understands the cravings associated with smoking. You will no longer need a cigarette to satisfy your desires.

Avoid unwanted weight gain

Removing one habit frequently leads to adopting a second habit. Ex-smokers report weight gain as they eat to avoid smoking. Hypnosis trains the brain to remove these unnecessary cravings, ultimately removing unwanted habits, rather than shifting from one to another.

A study published in the Addiction Journal has highlighted that women who quit smoking whilst also trying to manage their weight are actually more likely to achieve success in both, illustrating the benefits of changing two behaviours in parallel.

Why My Stop Smoking hypnotherapy really works

My approach to smoking cessation hypnotherapy changes the unconscious mind of a smoker to that of an effortless non-smoker. The hypnotic techniques I use address every single psychological trick that smoking addiction plays on you and frees you from its grip.

My stop smoking hypnosis sessions will gently move your mind from its current addicted state to one of complete freedom from cigarettes, in just one single session. No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke; no more planning your day so you can smoke; no more running outside at work or at parties; no more worrying whether you have enough cigarettes left; no more stressing about what smoking is doing to your health; no more worries about money.
I use an approach that helps you become a true non-smoker, not just someone who is resisting smoking.
Make an appointment for a session and I’ll send you an eBook called ‘Get Ready to Quit’, which will help you prepare in a way that will make quitting smoker much easier than you could ever have imagined.
So why not take action now and sign up for my Stop Smoking session. Set yourself free today!

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