• Emotional Issues

    There are certain people who touch our lives’ during the journey of life.. We become forever changed and grateful for having met them. Kullike Olt is one such person for me.
    I, as many have gone through life dealing with the ...

    Harvey J. Robbins Santa Barbara, CA
  • Pain Management

    Chronic Pain
    I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for most of my adult life which effected everything from sleep, getting up in the morning, general movement, I could go on. It has taken only two hypnotherapy session’s to flip ...

    Nick, Midlands UK
  • Fear Of Flying

    Just checking in to let you know that my trip went amazing! My family was literally shocked by how calm I was on the plane after years of avoiding flights.
    In all honesty, I came in not knowing what to expect ...

    Catherine Lucas, London
  • Public Speaking

    I have always struggled with public speaking. I can remember having terrible anxiety in school whenever I had to give presentations so I’ve always avoided it. It was something I accepted until recently when I was offered a promotion. I ...

    Pamela Green, London
  • Confidence & Self- Esteem

    Before my therapy session with Kūllike my life life had lost all sense of direction and purpose, I was having panic attacks over small things, my self confidence had evaporated, I was just excepting whatever came my way and I ...

    Robert Welsh, London
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks

    Quick response to your request for feedback. The sessions have had a huge impact on my life! My anxiety has really calmed down and whenever I have a panic attack now, I have the necessary tools and techniques to handle ...

    Lisa from Brighton
  • Stop Smoking

    It has been exactly 3 months since my session with Kullike and I thought I would check back.
    I contacted Kullike because I wanted to quit smoking and it has been brilliant! I have not smoked since our session and I ...

    Liam K. London
  • Motivation & Focus

    Thank you Kullike! After our session I am so motivated and positive about my present and future. I just know how to go further and achieve my goals. I have taken the steps we discussed and everything is in progress. ...

    Dilly, London