Stop Smoking

It has been exactly 3 months since my session with Kullike and I thought I would check back.
I contacted Kullike because I wanted to quit smoking and it has been brilliant! I have not smoked since our session and I do not use any smoking patches or anything. It is all thanks to hypnotherapy and I could not recommend it enough. For everyone scared of hypnotherapy – do not be! I was fully aware of everything that was happening and after the session I felt super relaxed and calm. It was as if I had had the best nights sleep ever. You have literally changed my life!

Liam K. London

I had attempted to quit smoking numerous times and had all but given up on the idea when a friend suggested Hypnotherapy.

My GP also thought this a good approach as he was seeing more success via this approach and recommended Küllike Olt. I had only one stop smoking session which was enjoyable and effortless with everything being explained. Küllike also offers her support after the session which I found invaluable the two times that I needed it.

This was 9 months ago and I know with certainty that I am now a non smoker and I can not thank Küllike enough for making this happen.

John G London