Emotional Issues

There are certain people who touch our lives’ during the journey of life.. We become forever changed and grateful for having met them. Kullike Olt is one such person for me.

I, as many have gone through life dealing with the challenges of childhood grief, personal conflicts, health, family, business, and marital issues and on and on as we all know.

I was fortunate enough to have the assistance of various therapists throughout my life to assist me in finding a “good place” to be. It all worked…supposedly.

I hadn’t seen a therapist for 2 years, and decided to give myself a “tune up” again and was recommended to seek out Kullike. I did.

Not thinking much of meeting her, (no offense intended) as I had been to therapy countless sessions before. Within a minute of speaking with her all I felt that she “truly” want to listen and help. It was hard to explain at first but all I knew and felt was this is different than before. I was deeply submersed into the session.

At the session I felt I was reaching, touching areas I had never been before with my previous therapists. It felt as though we covered almost my entire life, and somehow ended up at the most important issue I’ve dealt with.

That being the loss of my beloved father at 15 years old. I had always been proud that I did get to deal with this issue, and for years was able to live with some memories and sadness which I had been told was a great achievement for me.

After my session I was walking away with new memories of my father, looking at his passing as a happy memory and just having my head feel 10 pounds lighter and looking at the world from an entirely new perspective.

WOW, quite the “tune up”. My life has surely been touched by Kullike, and I definetely recommend her for anybody who has any challenges in life.

Harvey J. Robbins Santa Barbara, CA