Confidence & Self- Esteem

Before my therapy session with Kūllike my life life had lost all sense of direction and purpose, I was having panic attacks over small things, my self confidence had evaporated, I was just excepting whatever came my way and I did not understand how I could get out of this cycle.

The therapy sessions have changed me completely and it has effected every aspect of my life in such a positive way. Kūllike brought out all the deep routed issues that I was not even aware I had which were blocking me fulfil my life. This was done in such an easy, non-judgemental way that I felt instantly lighter. I suddenly had the confidence to discuss the direction of a project that I am involved with at work and my role within which resulted in the changes being agreed and I am now leading it. I feel so much calmer with no panic attacks and I have such a clarity to my life and it’s direction that it has had a positive impact on those around me.

Words can not express my gratitude to Kūllike for helping me achieve these immense life changes that I now experience and if the first part of the testimony reflects how you feel today I thoroughly recommend that you get in contact with her.

Robert Welsh, London